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About us

Flawless. Divine. Dominate.

Time is Money; but your Pegasus Timepiece will make you look like money while keeping most of it in your pocket! We primarily sell watches but also offer accessories to compliment your watch such as beautifully crafted and affordable bracelets.

The company name and logo originate from Greek Mythology. Pegasus; the divine winged stallion is a symbol of speed, strength and artistic inspiration. We aim keep true to this legacy as our watch designs embody beauty with a sense of majesty just like the mysterious creature himself.

Located in the capital of London we have a strong passion for time keeping and fashion. Each of our timepieces are professionally crafted for precision and accuracy while still upholding an unbeatable price.

We offer unique and stylish watches that will be sure to garner compliments. From sleek minimalist to exclusive skeleton designs we showcase a variety of timepieces for each and every style.

At Pegasus Timepieces we also pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest trends around the world. We master supreme style and striking build quality while still providing superior value with all our timepieces.